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LED Explosion Proof Flashlights EPFL01

Model: EPFL01



It can widely used for electric power, petrochemical, railway, metallurgy, mine, public security, fire-fighting and other night operation work, and exploration, mountain-climbing, emergency rescue and disaster relief as movable lighting tools.


1. With intrinsic safety, it is applicable to various flammable and explosive places.

2. Imported LED with high luminous efficacy is used as light source, and its life is about 100,000 hours, warm white and cool white are optional for users.

3. It is applicable to lighting and long distance signal indicator with three lighting types: strong light, working light and flash light. Besides being used as signal indicator, flash light can blind people temporarily within 30m in the dark to warn and protect users.

4. Lithium polymer battery is characterized by excellent performance and it is safe and environmentally friendly.

5. It is also designed with special circuit with the features of over charging/discharging protection and short circuit protection.

6. Low-power alarm function is convenient for users.

7. It is small, light and easy to carry.

8. The housing is made of hight strength alloy, which is corrosion-proof, strike-resistant and impact-resistant. Ingress protection is IP66.

9. Light head is designed with edges and corners which make it available for defence tool in emergency.

Technical Parameters:



Rated Power


Rated Voltage


Rated Capacity


Continous Discharging Time

19h(work light)

8h(strong light

Luminous Flux (strong light/  work light)  (lm)


Charging Time


Light Source Life Expectancy

≥100,000 h

Battery Cycle Time




Net Weight


Explosion-proof Grade

Ex ib IIC T4

Protection Grade


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